“To understand the story of The Trouble Notes, one must understand the story of our world. In an effort to reduce cultural barriers, The Trouble Notes have made it their mission to create their own cultural universe, mixing influences from their travels into their songs.”

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Patreon is the place where we share our artistic vision, tell our story and want to stay connected with as many of you as possible. As we are and will remain independent musicians, this is something that is impossible to handle without YOU – the world’s finest Troublemakers! You literally keep our car running and our music independent, you help us spread our idea, to exchange with the world and connect people through the power of music. Because honestly, that’s a way better way than doing it via Facebook, isn’t it? WE INVITE YOU to join and support us on Patreon and want Patreon to be our own creative space to make things happen, to stay in touch and to cause some digital trouble on top of the analogue one we’ll hopefully bring to a stage close to you. So, let’s get together, join forces and create something truly unique here.

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